Tuesday, 20 September 2011

CAL :: part one

Here's  an update on how I'm getting on with the Maybe Matilda's Crochet along.
I must  say that i am really enjoying this and the instructions given are so clear.
But...lol....wait for it ....This is my 3rd try!
Because i didn't print out the pattern DOH!
I thought i memorised it and well, er, obviously i hadn't .
The plus side being that i can do this stitch (well sort of) and it comes out in a circle and can also get it to spiral.
Yep seriously!!
Which I'm sure will lead to some interesting makes.

So my photos aren't really great at showing this but I'm up to 30 inches already.
My DD has said this is going to be for her but I'm gonna get some pretty girly colours and make another smaller one for her.

Anyways i think this is really easy to get started on especially with all the great photos and instruction
from Rachel and she even linked up to help us peeps in the UK make sure we used the right stitches.
So my point is why not head over to Maybe Matilda and join in. :0)
Thanks for looking.
Kate x


  1. Kate, your cowl looks so beautiful! I love the color you chose--it looks similar to what I'm using. I'm so glad my instructions have been helpful . . . I was really worried that they wouldn't make sense and everyone who participated would learn to hate crochet :-/ So I'm glad to hear they're clear enough! Great work on the cowl!

  2. Hi Kate - just to say thanks for all your good wishes for Annie & co. It has lifted their spirits no end knowing so many lovely folk are thinking of them. Here's hoping next week looks much much better than last! x Jo


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