Wednesday 23 May 2018

Winnie and walter and Chibitronics blog hop

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I am so happy to be part of an awesome blog hop collaboration between Winnie and Walter and Chibitronics.
If you haven't heard of Chibitronics they make super easy lighting options for your cards and other projects.
Join us on the hop for lots of inspiration, ideas and the chance to win either $30 to spend at the Winnie and Walter store or a starter kit from Chibitronics.
All you have to do is hop along and share some love in the comments.

My card uses beautiful floral stamps and cutaways, In Bloom: Ashlees rosie posies with Lydia Evans.
The started kit from Chibitronics. 

The Chibitronics kit comes with a really useful book... be sure to read it for lots of ideas and useful information.
I actually only had a quick read and have managed to get my card to work with three lights which is why i described them as super easy. 
If i can do it anyone can.

I never thought I would really be able to make a card that lights up but it was really fun to do and way more simple than I ever imagined. 
The possibilities are endless.

The hop list is as follows...

Chibitronics Blog
Jessica Frost-Ballas
Eiko Uchida
Kelly Szafron
Wei Wei Wang
Kelly Griglione
Tiffany Au
Lesley Oman
Maya Isaksson
Vanessa Amann
Gayatri Murali
Heather Hoffman
Jessica Lin
Kate Capper
Keren Baker
Lea Lawson
Lydia Evans
w&w blog

Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you enjoy the hop.


  1. Love the design & images for your card! I've admired cards using these lights, but didn't really think I could do it. You've made me think it might be possible!

  2. This is gorgeous. The coloured lights look amazing! I’m going to use those next! x

  3. Love your beautiful and creative design. The lights and flowers are perfect.

  4. You’ve made such a lovely floral card !!

  5. What a gorgeous lit up wreath! Love the touch of glitz too! Beautiful card Kate!

  6. This is so beautiful and delicate! I love the tiny lights! They are a great addition to your pretty card!

  7. What a beautiful and elegant card! The lights just make it that much more special. Fantastic!

  8. This is so stunning! Love how the gold gets lit up!

  9. I love all of the new ideas!

  10. such a magical card - thanks for sharing :)

  11. Beautiful wreath and so special that it lights up.

  12. I just love how you have different colours light up. The wreath idea is perfect for light up card, never would have thought of using a wreath. Thanks for the idea. Going to have to try it. So very pretty with the gold.

  13. I love blog hops because they inspire me to create--thank you!!!

  14. The white card base is just perfect for the beautiful flowers and I love your placement of lights. So pretty!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  15. Wow! You would never guess there would be lights to your stunning card. It's so unique! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Awwwwwee! This is super cute that you added it to the wreath! Loving your beautiful card and then to have it light up, makes it over the top fabulous!! First, you had me at the glitz of the wreath, beautiful flowers, and stunning dimension of all the die cuts! Then the lights! Wow!! Great hop!

  17. Beautiful wreath card and the lights make it extra-pretty!

  18. Beautiful wreath card and the lights make it extra-pretty!

  19. Love these pretty florals and the fab interactivity.


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