Wednesday, 15 August 2012


A while back now i joined in with a swap organised by Fran of Skulls and ponies.
I was paired up with Jen from Sparklegirl.
Jen made me a cute pouch ...perfect for my crochet hooks :) 
And a kitty kicker.
I had never heard of a kitty kicker before but i think it has like a catnip product in it.
My cat did indeed bat it around but was completely freaked out by it so i have to keep it in the plastic bag.
My sisters cat loves catnip so i may give it to her cat ....gandalph lol.
Below is what i made for Jen.
Its a tea cosy :)
I did buy a travel cup that it fits perfectly but to ship would have cost £50 if i included it.
I was gutted but did put some Tetly teabags in.
My mum says as a baby i knew the Tetly tea advert by heart and was one of my first words.
So that's why i picked it to send.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. woo! I'm so happy you liked the package. The swap was so much fun!


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