Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Apple cosy???

Is that what they are called?
I saw these on the Mollie makes blog.
As the first two issues sold out like in seconds I have never go to see a copy,
So made these without a pattern .
Love how they turn out and so quick to make.
My dd loves them but the boys well lets just say they don't get it.
The 17 year old was most unimpressed.

You can just see Ive put on a little (sort of!!) flower.
I started crochet because I wanted nice flowers to go on my layouts.
Turns out they are harder to get right than anything else Ive tried.
So my mission is to make pretty crochet flowers....that LOOK like flowers.

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  1. so cute, kate! good luck with the flowers, i can't make mine LOOK like flowers:)


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