Sunday, 23 August 2009

Exploding octogon box

Now thats a bit of a mouthfull but thats what ive been making :0) lol. As part of the minibook event on uks Annette (Voodoovixen on uks)has provided instructions for this octogon exploding box. I love the way they look when all opened out. i havent added photos yet but am going to and i will be giving it to my mum.On the whole it wasnt as tricky as i expected but the lid had to be remade as the first was a little small.
Ive managed to use another of my monthly kits from Cleo crafts and the papers are autumn leaves Manhattan. Love these papers. Very classy looking.

Thanks for looking:0)


  1. Absolutely love it Kate - it's fab, and your right it does look very classy!!!

    Well done hun

  2. I love all your mini-books, you've done a brilliant job of them.. and you've inspired me to have a go of the flip-it mini-album!


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