Sunday, 7 September 2008

digi lo's

Ok so i thought i didnt really like digital scrapbooking but as i do all my scrapbooking stuff in secret and having my dh home all weekend i ventured into the unknown and created a few piccies which i quite like.....and dh didnt have a clue. lol. these are two of my pets Homer and Henry. Not bad for a quick mess about with paint. ;0)
Must admit though im looking forward to the week and having to time to get all my stash out and actualy make something.

paws for thought homer
secretscrapper at uks


  1. Gorgeous LOs - but why do you scrap in secret?? You also asked for a link to my online shop - here you go:

  2. Thanks tash just had a qiuck look but ive saved the link.
    I do it in secret as dh would take the piss, unfortunately he does that with almost everything i like.
    Although i told him i was on an arts a craft forum just now and his face went weird and he carried on with what he was doing.
    I think once ive got a really great book full of fantastic layouts i will show him.

  3. hey kate
    just to let you know u won the rak on my blog if you email your addy il post it out to ya x

  4. Fantastic digi LOs, especially for your first time. There are loads of tutorials around if you google for them. Doesn't sound like your DH is very tolerant. Just be yourself and enjoy it.

  5. Lovely layouts, love the one of the cat. You should show DH your layouts now, they are lovely.

  6. Digi isnt for me but these are really nice .

  7. Thanks everyone, sorry havent replied sooner,not handling my internet time very well.

  8. it is sad you have to scrap in secret :( but i really like those pages!!!!! i am thinking about moving my scrapping this way, but i would miss all the pattern paper! :)

  9. ooh haven't braved that world yet of digi scrapping - looks good though!!! so are you scrapping in secret from your DH????????? thought it was maybe your work colleagues!

  10. oooooooooh I really really love these....:)

  11. Sorry been really slack with the blog. thanks for your replys, Dh isnt the most supportive in the world but i dont think hes the only man to just not get it,iykwim.
    I reallylike these. think i will post a couple of others now. :0)


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