Monday, 18 August 2008

Sorry ....ive been slacking

Been so busy the last couple of weeks so havent done any scrapbooking but have been out and taken loads of pictures with my new camera. So here are some before i get to chosing the ones im going to use in my next lo.

A rare picture of all the kids together. My four and my two step daughters.
Kids enjoying the beach and sea....even though i told them not to go in!
At eagle heights bird centre.....this makes me smile.
My little girl holding a falcon? we then had to get the boys to hold it as there were tears.
My eldest jumped at the chance to hold this eagle, then my daughter threw a tantrum as i didnt let her hold it...i think it would have weighed as much as her lol.


  1. Cor blimey I love the photos of the eagle, what an opportunity...enjoy your camera :) xxx

  2. what fab pics hun, i would no way have held the Eagle he is so so brave :) xx

  3. aww fab pictures! get to scrapping them so we can see them lol

  4. Claire , loving the new camera its a whopping 12million pixels,
    katy my little girl is only five could you imagine holding a bloody great bird as big as you lol.
    Kelly so many pictures and so littel time ha ha...will get onto it soon ;0)


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